Straddling the Minnows

Straddling the Minnows comic
[[SyFy boardroom]] Guy 1: We're getting killed in the Nielsen's. Guy 1: We've got to shake things up, get people talking. Guy 1: We've got to imagine greater. Guy 2: How about we jump the shark. Guy 1: We already had a tornado of sharks destroy the capital. Guyess 3: We had a megashark fight a mechashark thousands of feet above the ocean surface. Guyess 3: How can we possibly jump the shark? [[imagine it, hand swipe motion]] Guy 2: We're overthinking this. Guy 2: Jumping the shark is *perfect*. Guy 2: In that it's just a regular shark, and all they're doing is jumping over it.

7/27/16 3:42AM

Technically, it’s not SyFy who’s responsible for the steady output of surrealist fever dream movies packed with D-list stars reading horrendous dialogue; it’s the production company The Asylum. SyFy is just guilty by association. Well, also just plain guilty for airing them and probably funding them. Let’s call it aiding and abetting.

BTW, that megashark vs mechashark panel is drawn to startling accuracy. Except for the nunchuck. But it might have had a nunchuck, right? I guess that’s not a nunchuck, though. What is it? A flail? Sure, let’s call it a flail. Startling accuracy!

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