Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is responsible for this nonsense and how can I yell at them?

This nonsense is the joint work of Will and Jesse. Will is responsible for most everything and Jesse most nothing. Contact us at "theclowns(-at-)uptomynipples(-dot-)com".

You claim new comics on Wednesdays and Somedays. When's Someday?

Somedays occur some days. Sometimes Somedays are other days. Usually, Somedays are Sundays.

I don't get comic so-and-so. Would you explain it to me?

Often our references and allusions are dense, but even more often you are dense. Generally, we see the latter issue as the more pressing matter. Have you tried the internet or that nerdy friend of yours? Sure, it'll ruin the joke, but you might learn something.

Oh, I get it now, but it's still not funny.

We try, but they can't all be winners.

Are there any subjects/themes you aren't willing to touch on?

Nah, offending people is fun. Oh wait, scatalogical porn; that shit is gross.

On a related note, I hear that by frequenting this site, I'm pushing Jesse one step closer to incontinence. Is that even possible?

It's not only possible, it's a contractual obligation! Seriously, the signed and notarized version is secreted away, so if ever necessary, Jesse can deny all claims of its existence.

Are you trying to make my life more difficult by denying me a first and last button?

Yes and no. In that order.


We don't want to make it more difficult to reach our newest, and ideally, best comic. That's why we included a last button; click our logo or home. Indeed, we want to make it harder - one click harder - to access our earliest comic. Have you seen it? Can you blame us?

Where's the forum or comments sections, so I can make my love/hate for you publicly known?

Once someone besides our moms and snarky friends might post something, we'll consider it.

I want comments and I'm neither your mom nor a snarky friend. How can I prove it?

You sure? That sounds like snark to me. Fine, you can leave comments now, but if I find out you were lying...

Why are these the only questions?

Because no one cares enough to have asked us anything better. Maybe you should ask us something better. Wink wink, nudge nudge.