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[[guy seated with hands on head, dejected]] TV:[[offpanel]] Have a gambling problem? [[at casino]] [[looks up to the television]] TV: Need help? TV: Call us at 1-800-555-2121 Guy: So I've got two 8s and the dealer shows a 10. What should I do?

7/13/16 5:40PM

Our gambler ought not use his lifeline for such a simple problem. Always split 8s. Even when a dealer’s ten sends shivers down your timbers. Splitting 10s? That’s another story all together. Even against a crappy shown card, you better have an ace up your sleeve where that ace is metaphorically the ability to count cards and not literally an ace. Though, really, an ace would also be clutch, whether or not you split. I should have picked a better idiom.

Credit to Wes who was on tour when he came up with this idea and redirected it my way. Considering how constipated he looked on national television, it makes sense that he’d need to unwind at a casino, here and there. That poor bassist, though.

Nipples out,