Rodman comic
[[silhouette of two guys at bar]] [[phone buzzing]] Guy 1: [[looking at phone]]Gotta go. Guy 2: What's wrong? Guy 1: I've been seeing this girl with a boyfriend, and the boyfriend just dumped her. Guy 1: She'll be a hot mess. [[nudging with elbow]] Guy 2: Oh, I get it. Guy 2: Tryin' to be the rebound. Guy 1: No. Guy 1: I can't be a rebound. Guy 1: We were already hooking up. Guy 1: She already had the ball. Guy 2: Offensive rebound.

6/22/16 5:10AM

You know, like Dennis Rodman, the single greatest rebounder of all time. Not some puerile attempt at sexual euphemism. Who do you take me for!?

This one’s another in a history of comics built on repurposed conversations. This time, as always, we’ve made my friends more clever, and for the first time, me more black. On second thought, we used to have a black reocurring character, so that’s probably false. R.I.P. Mo. Anyhow, I’d give credit where credit is due, but I fear that it may cost my interlocutor further relationship turmoil. Really, less fear, and more hope, since that’d mean somebody’s reading this.

Nipples out,