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[[Back of Mo's head. TSA agent.]] TSA Agent: Sir, are you carrying fluids on your person? Mo: That's a loaded question. TSA Agent: Spread your legs, Sir. [[putting on gloves]] [[Patting down Mo's legs.]] TSA Agent: What's this, Sir? Mo: That's my penis. [[TSA agent pulling a bottle of head and shoulder's from his pants.]] [[Humphry peering]] TSA Agent: Your penis is Head and Shoulders, Sir? Mo: Only if you include the testicles.

12/26/11 12:00AM

Happy Holidays and Belated Holidays. Thought we’d give Will’s drawing hand a day off as a Christmas present. See you Wednesday!

Jesse and Will


12/21/11 3:57AM

Mo’s not going to give up that easy.

Seem familiar? It ought to; it’s just like a past effort. I hope y’all like terrible (read: awesome) penis names because, as the title indicates, this is our new running joke, and we’re going to ride it as long as we can. Yeah. We think about dicks a lot.

Also, if your precious parts are still unnamed, feel free to steal this. My particular package’s pseudonyms are already well documented. Or we’ll award a few Nipples Points to other clever shampoo-related peen-names in the comments.