The Candy Man

The Candy Man comic
[[Still obviously at movie line.]] Humphry: Mo, you can't bring in outside candy. Mo: These people don't care. Humphry: That guy cares. [[pointing]] [[Back of Mo's head. Police agent.]] TSA Agent: Sir? TSA Agent: Sir, are you carrying contraband snack foods on your person? Mo: No. TSA Agent: Lift your arms please, Sir. [[putting on gloves]] [[Patting down Mo's legs.]] TSA Agent: Sir, what's this? Mo: That's my penis. [[TSA agent pulling a Mr. Goodbar from Mo's Pants.]] [[Humphry peering]] TSA Agent: Your penis is a Mr. Goodbar, sir? Mo: That's what the ladies call it.

10/23/11 5:58AM

As is often the case when we get started on good penis names, we’ve got some more, in the form of a BONUS PANEL!!!

Surely, you’ve borne witness to the tactile foibles of a certain officer of the law so as to catch the in-joke, but we’re here for you even if you haven’t.

Will, always impressed with my wealth of knowledge, but also filed with contumely, redrew this comic several times hoping to place a movie poster that I could not identify. On the last of his many attempts, he chose an obscure one and occluded enough of the juicy bits to defeat me. I will award a bounty of Nipples Points to he or she who can avenge my honor by identifying any of the three posters with triple the points for the one I missed.