The Next Guy

The Next Guy comic
[[Stan on line for movie tickets. Mo arrives with Raisinets.]] Mo: I hope you like Raisinets. Stan: I like them as much as the next guy. [[Pan to next guy behind them in line. Stan still visible looking at him. Man vehement.]] Next Guy: I hate 'em! [[Knocking candy from Mo's hand.]] Stan: You heard the man. [[SMACK]] Stan: I'll have none of these. [[separate bubble]]

10/19/11 3:00AM

Here begins our heroes’ cinema adventure. We haven’t done enough character arcs of late, so hopefully you’re of the persuasion that enjoys such excess.

One look at those other movie patrons, and it’s clear that our boys must be into some pretty nerdy cinema. What’s that? There’s a grandmother buying a ticket, it can’t be that bad? Well, what if I told you that actually that’s just a man in grandmother cosplay. Yeah, that’s what I thought.