4Steve comic
[[Night time outside house, pressing IPhone 4s. The screen is bright shining on face.]] [[Looks next door down street, from over shoulder see neighbors pointing iphones to the sky.]] [[Raises phone one arm, phone face up straight into the air. Light pointing towards sky.]] [[Shadowy outline of the US. Bright dots form Steve Jobs' Face.]] iEndure

10/16/11 1:56AM

I decided to write this after seeing a bunch of mediocre to terrible tributes among a scant few good ones. But since my inspiration was solely reactionary, it was created too late for timeliness. Thankfully, Apple has newsworthy tech releases so often that we only had to wait a week before it was appropriate again.

Mind you, I’m not an Apple fan-boy in any sense; I’ve never owned an Apple product. Nonetheless, I can ride the coattails of a zeitgeist with the best of ‘em. I’ll leave it to Will to write about his apple-love, if he decides to pop his head up long enough to post here.