Schlongevity comic
[[In studio]] Humphry: With an ambiguously risque name like "Up to my Nipples," we had prepared for misdirected search engine traffic. Stan: We quickly learned, you just can't plan for the internet's insatiable hunger for midget porn. Humphry: Instead of fighting it, for our celebratory 100th comic, we've decided to give the people what they want: Stan: [[Stan with arm out to the side]]Say hello to my little friend... [[Balloons, banner "Happy 100th"]] [[Verne Troyer naked covered by fig leaf.]] Stan: VERNE TROYER! Verne: Now say hello to MY[[bold]] little friend...

10/12/11 3:00AM

Woo! 100! Upwards and onwards to 101.

Once you see the BONUS PANEL!!! it can’t be unseen. Though it maybe can be over-seen.

If I remember correctly, Mr. Tommy Kim helped write this joke WAY back when I was inventing Santa Claus one-liners. He imagined a situation with elves and Tommy-guns (baddumtish). I had bigger and better things in mind.

And to top off with some back-patting, in case you couldn’t guess, I’m pretty happy with that title. I grant y’all permission to start using “schlongevity” to describe your imaginary sexual stamina.