Profiles in Profiling

Profiles in Profiling comic
[[Silhouettes of the back of our characters heads in movie theater]] Mo: I can't believe they took my candy. Stan: I think you were racially profiled. [[Stan holding up one of his hands with 2-liter bottle still in silhouettes.]] Mo: How do you know? Stan: I was able to sneak in this Dr. Pepper Stan: And an entire pepperoni pizza. [[Stan holding pizza and bottle on lap.]] Stan: And this La-Z-Boy recliner. [[Profile view. Stan leaning back in recliner.]] KKRRRRRR

10/26/11 3:00AM

If I had the artistic tools or talent to draw a bonus panel of Smoodge reclining onto an unsuspecting viewer, I would. Know that I tried, and failed.

Does anyone actually care if you bring outside food into a movie theater? Is it even disallowed? I go through all the trouble of sneaking it in pockets, my underwear, my hood, wherever, but maybe I could just be carrying it out in the open. Would it lose its fun?

The nipples points answers from last time were Johnny Tremain, The Sandlot 2, and a movie that Will is too much of an imp to tell me the name of. Another difficult Nipples Points opportunity lies ahead of you: name the movie they’re watching, and you’ll be rewarded.