Poke-hontas comic
[[John Smith to Pocahontas holding both hands]] Pocahontas: You have to leave. If my tribe find you here, you'll be killed. Mr Smith: Only our love can mend the wounds of our warring people. Pocahontas: Oh John, hold me. [[Big John Smith orating]] Narrator: Yestermonth. Mr. Smith: Just as our smallpox pollutes the air they breathe, so shall our scoundrel seed contaminate their noble gene pool. Mr. Smith: Men, to destroy the Injun we must boink the Injun.

10/30/11 4:25AM


There was some debate on whether we could use “yestermonth.” Certainly, there’s no question as to what it means, but it still feels a little off-putting. Which is exactly why we love it. To put in perspective, yester_ vs google hits:

  • yesterday: 691,000,000
  • yesterweek: 13,900
  • yestermonth: 6,870
  • yesteryear: 2,330,000

Even the never used “yesterweek” has twice the hits.

And since knowledge is power, it might interest you to know that Small Pox was named to differentiate it from the larger Great Pox, a.k.a. your friendly neighborhood Syphilis.