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[[Mo and Stan walking down aisle.]] Stan: Mo, remember when airlines decided to make the obese buy two seats? [[Still walking down aisle.]] Stan: Well, the fatties flipped, so companies reasoned with them. Stan: They still buy two tickets, but they can sell the extra to anyone willing to sit next to them [[Dialogue from off panel.]] [[The blob over two seats.]] Stan: Anyway. Enjoy your flight. Stan: And thank Hector for the discount.

12/28/11 3:00AM

We’re back. Thanks for allowing us a brief reprieve from the never-ending rush of deadlines that is webcomics. I hope your holidays have been and continue to be merry or whatever the yiddish word for merry is. All I could find were words for whiny.

Here, have a new edition of misguided google searches:

  1. “The First Straw”, “After Poon Delight” “Manacea”: – Yeah, you thought you were clever when you coined these? Sure, you’ll probably still use them, but you’ll live knowing we came up with them first. Or at least before you.
  2. “my nipples are shope why is that”: Urbandictionary informs me that “shope” is best defined as “anything.” So, it seems your nipples have been imbued with superpowers. I blame radioactivity.
  3. “my nipples need you”: No, OUR nipples need YOU. And your friends. Add “showing us to more friends” to your New Years Resolutions and help make this year even better than the last.

Goodbye 2011,


12/28/11 3:07AM

Today’s bonus panel is one of my favorites. Almost could been in the comic proper, but the joke didn’t need a second punch. Also, title’s not a bad code word for a fat person on a plane.