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The Sneak comic
[[Humphry poking head around corner of movie theatre hallway. Ticket collector visible in front looking the other way.]] Humphry: The coast is clear. Humphry: Run! [[Hallway view doors on the two sides]] [[Mo entering second door, Smoodge running across with chair on back.]] [[Humphry pointing at second door, spinning arm urging them to go.]] Humphry: Move! Humphry: Move! Humphry: Move! [[Sitting in different theater. Beginning of Empire]] Smoodge: Whoah, whoah, whoah! Smoodge: Black and white. Ambient soundtrack. Smoodge: All that effort! To sneak into an artsy-fartsy!? Humphry: It's not about the movie. It's about the thrill of the sneak.

11/16/11 12:00PM

Thank God for BONUS PANEL!!!!!s. Otherwise, I’d never be able to make mostly unfunny references to passing points in our old strips that none of you care enough to remember.

Indeed, it’s been the majority of a month since our characters were last seen in the theater, and the continuity moratorium even included a strip where they’re all back in the living room. Our attention spans aren’t able to maintain actual continuity. Deal with it.

In parting, The Sneak.



11/16/11 6:37PM

Made a new cut of this one. I didn’t love the layout or the timing of the first. Hopefully, most of you won’t even notice. It breaks the bonus panel a bit. But none of you cared about that panel in the first place.