A Good Year

A Good Year comic
[[Stan talking to Mo and Humphry.]] Stan: Guys, it's November 11th. You know what that means: it's been one year. Stan: You owe me 800 dollars. Stan: Each. [[Stan holding head of hippo.]] Stan: Gah! It reeks in there. Humphry: Double or nothing. [[Already back in his suit, pointing.]] Stan: You're on!

11/9/11 3:12AM

So come Friday it’s been a year of publishing Up to my Nipples. We could have released this on Sunday but I thought I’d jump the gun and celebrate early. Now that we’ve proven our longevity, why don’t you celebrate with us by subscribing to the RSS or getting updates on Facebook?

Have we broken canon (BONUS PANEL!!!)? How could a man in a hippo suit really have ass leeches? Or sex with a hippo? Or get away with this with a black dude? And even if it is the truth, Stan is WAY too handsome. I’m convinced it’s Will’s ego at play. He sees himself in Smoodge (baddumtish), and his narcissism would never allow for an ugly man in that suit.



11/12/11 11:36PM

Stan’s exit from his hippo suit was originally slated along these lines. Needless to say, my artistic abilities aren’t up to snuff for that sort of thing.