Plum Out of Luck

Plum Out of Luck comic
[[Grocer with mop looking at shelver]] Shelver: All of the plums, Sir... Shelver: They're gone! [[Shelver showing paper]] Grocer: Was there a poem in their place? Shelver: Is this a poem? Shelver: It seems more like a note. [[Grocer cursing the sky.]] Grocer: Damn you, William Carlos Williams!

11/13/11 7:00AM

This is just to say: Burn!

Another super high brow joke. Or rather, a joke that requires far too much trivial knowledge to understand. Will’s an English major for heaven’s sake, and six months ago, he wouldn’t have understood a lick of this. Though, he absolutely would have gotten a kick out of the name William Carlos Williams. Hopefully, at least the well-versed enjoy this.

Oh, and happy birthday, Dad. I know you’ve never been to this site, but you’re officially old now, and the internet ought to have some note of that.