Origin Sin

Origin Sin comic
[[Sun like the Japanese sun.]] [[Workers picking applies in orchard with classic Japanese sun.]] [[Older truck driving apples with wood paneling apple crates peeking out top.]] [[Plane flying.]] [[Unloading out from a semi truck.]] [[Manager inspecting an apple.]] [[Tossing apples into good and bad bins.]] [[Stockboy throwing out the crate of apples into a dumpster.]] [[Apple tree growing out the back.]]

1/30/13 4:23AM

True story: we took the long break so when we returned, our transition to serious comics wouldn’t be as jarring. Second true story: the first true story was steeped in lies.

Will tried to draw a new grocer without the tried and true familiarity of our well-read and authoritative grandfatherly figure. But I would not be denied (entirely).

Part of me wishes that we had gone with an imaginary fruit. Yellow triangles or something. Sacrifice the (titular) original sin vibe for a more generalized tale. I don’t know, though. What do you think? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section, facebook, email, scrawled on our front doors. Wherever really.

Nipples Out,