Epicuriosity Killed the Cat

Epicuriosity Killed the Cat comic
[[Two patrons being waited on at a restaurant by asian waiter.]] Patron 2: We've been here a whole week and still haven't had the local food. Patron 1: Okay, let's be adventerous. Patron 1: Waiter, give us the most acquired taste on the menu. Patron 2: We can say we tried it! [[Bigger plate of it in the middle. Little individual plates with food on it. Patron 1 looking at fork close to face. Patron 2 poking at the food.]] Patron 1: What are these? Patron 2: Eyeballs? Patron 1: And...an ear? This can't be right. Patron 1: Waiter! [[Waiter back.]] Patron 1: Are these supposed to be here? Waiter: Eat face of animal, get great animal beauty. Patron 1: Oh. Patron 1: Is the hair supposed to be here? Waiter: No. Patron 1: In that case, this is disgusting.

1/23/13 2:25AM

Welcome back Nubbineers,

Can you believe it!? A new comic! With a moratorium of this length, I worry we’re expected to return with a bang or some otherwise great outpouring worthy of audible metaphor. Instead we made this. If you’re upset, blame it on the rusty or rather moth-ridden cartoonist hats that have sat closeted for too long.

For a requisite related link, Fear Factor had plenty of vile offerings. Nothing quite like what some of Britain’s finest television personalities give us. You disappoint me, too, Ramsay.

Nipples Out,