Hulkamania comic
[[Hulk Hogan looking down at two jars, one Jumbo Olives the other Colossal Olives]] Off panel: Ohh Yeahh! [[Macho Man Randy Savage with Slim Jims in front of shelves]] Macho Man: You step into Macho Maaan's Bodega, and you get the Macho Maaaan's ellllbow! Macho Man: Ohh yeeeeah! [[Hulk ripping off shirt gloriously]] HULKAMANIA! [[Supermarket manager pointing at sign staring "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service]] [[Angled shot of shirtless Hulk sulking out of supermarket automatic doors]] Macho Man: Ooooooohhhh Yeahh!

10/05/11 3:00AM

He may be dead, but Macho Man always gets the last word in my book. Apparently, among those last words is “bodega,” which while uncommon, is right in line with his hispanically themed name. R.I.P.

There are a lot of cute little bonus background jokes throughout this one, but there is also one glaring mistake. Be among the first to find it and report it to the comments to get Nipples Points!!!. Note that Hulk Hogan’s reasonable hair line does not count as a mistake; if we can bring Macho Man back from the dead, we can use a younger Hulk. And in case it piqued your interest, let that first panel be your introduction to the wacky universe of olive sizes.