When I’m Dead

When I’m Dead comic
Middle-Aged-Woman: Dad, you're not a cripple. Get off your ass, walk over here, and help with this door. Off panel: I'll walk when I'm dead [[Woman barricading roof door, man still on bench, zombies below.]]

10/2/11 4:46 AM

Say what you will of its impending doom, but the zombie apocalypse makes for some great excuses. We’ve touched on them so many times, maybe we should add zombies to the list of things this comic’s actually about. Current list:

  1. Pants
  2. Cheese
  3. Zombies

This just in from the department of good news: Up to my Nipples is now proudly being published in a SECOND paper, and this one pays. I’m not really sure how much, but even if it’s pennies per strip, we’re still officially professionals.