Snack Duty

Snack Duty comic
[[Mo and Stan playing Don't Break the Ice]] Stan: Humphry, could you make us some food? Humphry (off panel from kitchen): Not a chance. Stan: C'mon, you're already in the kitchen. [[Humphry in apron delivering plates, one with three slices of bread, the other with two]] [[Stan pulling up the top piece of bread and looking in.]] Humphry: Bon appetit. Stan: There's nothing in it. What is this? [[Close up of bread sandwiches. One is three pieces of bread other two.]] Humphry: A bread sandwich. Stan: And that? Humphry: Open face bread sandwich.

9/28/11 3:00AM

In what’s gradually becoming a tradition: BONUS PANEL!!!

If you’ve never done it before, you should sit down and establish what you consider a sandwich. It’s more of a reflective philosophical mirror than you’d imagine. Some sticking points to consider:

  • Open-faced sandwiches
  • The classification and nature of condiments
  • Wraps/burritos/theoretical bread-connectivity
  • The limits of reasonable filling

Once you’ve come to a consistent definition, I challenge you to ask a group of people for theirs. If your friends are anything like mine, I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the conversation gets heated. Fast.