No Brainer

No Brainer comic
[[Two maybe zombies in foreground in front of a sorority and a library. Left]] Guy 1:[[pink shirt, popped collar, pointing (zombieing) at the two buildings]] What do you think, the bimbos or the nerds? Guy 2: Dude, that one's a no brainer." Narrator: Dinner plans are easier for the undead.

3/6/11 1:18AM

So I can understand someone mistaking the character on the left for your run-of-the-mill fratboy; especially with his pointing fingers disguising the zombie arms. However, if any of you looked at the thin stringy hair, ashen skin, and drooped shoulders of that fellow on the right and weren’t immediately suspicious, I’m sorry to say that you’re not going to last ten minutes come the zombie apocalypse.

In what is becoming a running series, I have more misguided google searches that have pointed to our site:

  1. “proctology nipples”: Seven googlers (and still counting) have their doctors VERY mixed up.
  2. “opera nipples”: Though odd, I would rather this search be for the rare bit of nudity in upper class musical theater than the frightening alternative: the user misspelled Oprah.
  3. “my nipples are very happy”: This guy doesn’t seem to understand the point of google. Enthusiastic declarations like this are way better suited for blogs.

My nipples are very happy,