Ape Escape

Ape Escape comic
[[Man pointing]] Man: Gadzooks, a shrewdness of apes has escaped from the zoo. [[Running from an ape]] Man: Help! Save us Mr. Fancy-Pants! [[Ape and man touching a super hero with fancy pants]] Man: Oooo, fancy.

3/2/11 2:07AM

“Where’s the cape?” you ask. Well, for one, Mr. Fancy Pants knows better than to distract from his pants’ fanciness. Plus, he’s a competent superhero, aware of his field’s prior art and isn’t prone to the unnecessary risks of favoring form over function.

Considering that superheroes and law enforcement have a comic history of mutual disdain, it makes all the more sense that our local officer would use the same epithet to describe a suspicious character he was about to shoot. And it needed some additional sense, since at that point Mo wore no pants.



3/2/11 2:57AM

Mr. Fancy-Pants’ pants were inspired by MC Hammer, perhaps the only individual capable of pulling off parachute pants besides genies. It’s also quite possible that MC Hammer is himself a genie. I had something even funnier to add, but now it’s just going to be its own comic, so that’s something to look forward to.



3/3/11 6:57PM

Will’s Mom points out that “MC Hammer IS a genie. He can make $33 million
appear and disappear.” My mother, on the other hand, doesn’t think anything about parachute pants, MC Hammer, or my comic because she won’t read this until Sunday, at best. I’m so unloved.