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Guy: So, can we build our mall here? Geologist: We've looked into it. Guy: And...? [[Geologist that looks like classic archeologist pointing diagonally at the sky.]] Geologist: Geological survey says... [[Family Feud Board]] [[1.Dirt 2. Oil 3. 4.Dinosaur bones. 5.People bones 6.Regular Bones 7. Pirate Treasure ]] Geologist: Oil! [[Geologist and guy looking worriedly at Daniel Plainview. ]] [[Daniel Plainview staring holding bowling pin menacingly .]]

2/6/13 2:09AM

I. Drink. Your. Milkshake. I drink it up.

Television has made a strong case that when pressed to answer simple and sexually undertoned inquiries on the spot, it’s not just kids who say the darndest things. Public-speaking mortification and similar phobias distill to people not wanting to make fools of themselves. But you know as well as I, humanity has fools in spades. And as a converse to our phobias, watching fools exposed is music to our (f)ears. Primed for television exploitation.

That was my longwinded way of saying I’ve been watching a lot of youtube clips of Family Feud. And watching youtube clips of Family Feud is totally a justifiable thing to do. Totally.

Nipples Out,