Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures comic
[[Mo in the doctors office like room. Sitting looking at magazine. Magazine not yet really visible. Poster in the back visible but small. Poster says "Give the gift of family." "Sperm Bank of America". In the middle is an attractive woman and her husband holding the two hand of the child inbetween.]] [[Zooms in on the magazine "Detroit's Dirties Crack Whores."]] [[TEETH: Who needs 'em]] [[Homeless Hotties]] [[Back Alley Babe: Pockmark Paula]] Mo: Ugh. [[Mo looking up]] [[Refocus on the poster from Mo's perspective.]] [[Back to Mo, looking intrigued]] [[Focus on poster woman]] [[Zoom to the woman's breasts.]] Zip noise [[Zoom in more and move down.]] Mo: Mmmhhhh... [[Mo pleased]] [[Boys face.]] Mo: NOOOOooooo!

7/20/11 5:00AM

This one worked great in our heads, but visual jokes are so hard to nail. We drew and redrew to get the “emotion” just right, yet in the first six or so takes, Mo always seemed excited to gaze at the boy. And while Will has been a dues paying member of his local NAMBLA chapter for years now, we assure you, Mo is not.

Anyway, if the plot of the strip doesn’t do it for you, you can focus on the magazine cover which is some of Will’s finest work. “Teeth: Who needs ‘em” gets me every time. And i know you can’t read that subtitle, but it says “The Connoisseur’s Magazine”. Gold.

Nipples Points Update: No points were awarded, for no one correctly identified the man in the waiting room as former president Harry S. Truman. Really, you have a problem with him showing up despite being dead for almost 40 years? Well then, it’s Zombie S. Truman. You know we have no problem doing that.