Street Value

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[[Receptionist flipping over page on clipboard. Cup of coffee next to her.]] Mo: I filled our your form, now where do I fill up? Receptionist: I'm sorry, Mr. Moreau. We're not currently accepting seed of your caliber. Receptionist: We can't afford to dish out fifty bucks to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that strolls in here. Mo: I'll do it for ten. Receptionist: How about you pay us ten. Mo: You can have it for free, just give me a test tube. [[Receptionist handing him the empty coffee cup.]] Receptionist: Here, use this. Mo: Deal.

7/13/11 3:00AM

Mo: You saw I was black when I walked in this door. Why’d you even have me fill this out?
Receptionist: I knew you were black, yes. What I didn’t know is that you have Hepatitis C.

For the sake of comic pacing, we had to break normal sperm bank protocol to have Mo walk in and deposit that day. Speaking of protocol, in all my research for the writing of these scripts I could never find what the most common receptacle for said depositing is. I’m confident it’s not a coffee cup, and it seems equally unlikely that it’s a test tube. Unless that test tube is particularly wide, amply lubricated, and actually just a fleshlight. More like a testes tube, amirite!?

For the funniest legal battle involving assiduously deposited sperm, check this out. It’s This American Life, so it’s sure to be good.