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[[Mo, lying down reading on the couch reading.]] Mo: Internet's out. Humphry: And? Mo: I was about to, y'know. Humphry: Say no more. [[Reverse direction]] Humphry: Well, do you even need - Mo: My imagination can't cut it. Humphry: Buy a magazine. Mo: I'm not paying! Mo: That's prostitution. Humphry: Alright, then wait. Mo: Never. [[Walking to Sperm Bank of America sign.]]

7/10/11 6:17AM

Woo, new character designs! Woo, fulfilled blog promises!

I’m interested in how fast people figure out what’s going on here. My guess is that most men will know before the end of the first panel. Most women: at worst, by the end of panel two. My mother: ideally never.

We’re offering nipples points to those who name the book Humphry’s reading. Will, in his infinite ignorance, has made it easier for you by accidentally affixing the front cover image to the back of the book. What Will, you’re going to try to cover it up (baddumtish) by claiming it’s the Hebrew translation? You don’t have the chutzpah.



7/10/11 12:43PM

As his hair clearly demonstrates, Humphry spent a good deal of time in Korea. It was there that he learned to read and write traditional Hangul, a talent he exercises daily.