Picking Up

Picking Up comic
[[Stanislav sitting across from a woman. Woman giving puzzled look.]] Stan: Which is inherently worse: fewer crackers or less cheese? Woman: I don't like cheese. Stan: GASP [[Humphry standing up pointing at a book?]] Humphry: How do you pronounce this author's name? Woman: Uh, I dunno. Woman: Anne? Humphry: Wrong! Humphry: You lose. [[Mo and Woman]] Mo: My favorite color? Mo: I guess, um, red. Woman: Mine's rainbow. Mo: Ohhhhhh. Mo: In that case, mine's puppies. Woman: That's SO cute. [[Zoom out, Humphry staring angrily at Mo.]] Humphry: Sell out.

6/22/11 8:02AM

Considering Mo seems to be a smooth operator, and Smoodge has his coochie clarion call, it’s a wonder they came speed dating at all. It must be for poor Humphry. When this is the inspires your look, you’re already one foot in the dating grave.

If all goes according to plan, by this time Sunday, the nearly-identical-on-the-outside but entirely-different-on-the-inside site will be up. To make that happen, there needs to be some down time between now and then. So if you’re aching for Nipples this weekend, and we fail you, you must forgive us.

Let me make it up to you with more misdirected search results!

  1. “a webcomic about masturbation”: We’ve covered all sorts of blue humor, but to date, never masturbation. Apparently, search engines think that we ought to. Who are we to deny the almighty Google its wishes? Production starts today.
  2. “how much longer can my nipples get”: Well what have you tried? As the meagerly-endowed know, repeated stretching won’t do the trick. Have you considered extensions?
  3. “scatological porn”: God damn it, guys. That’s the one thing I said we wouldn’t cover. Does anyone listen to me?