Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction comic
[[Walking down Roadrunner Looney Tunes desert. Silhouettes of characters]] Humphry: Well, that was a bust. Mo: Nah, it was fun. That last girl is totally- Mo: -whoah check it out. [[Mo glorious pose with giant pick-axe]] Mo: Who leaves one of these lying round. Spike Bubble: 215! [[bigger writing]] [[More chain gang workers behind. Officer pointing.]] Officer: Quit dawdlin' and heave ho. Mo: But- Officer: Did I grant you license to speak!? Officer: Back in line! [[Mo hand to bus rear, "Penitentiary", looking sad.]] [[Back of Humphry and Stan, Humphry waving]]

6/25/11 5:30AM

After weeks of work, the new site is up. With improved anonymous commenting powers! Shut up, I know it looks like the old site, but maintaining the image actually made the job harder; there’s an entirely new engine under the hood.

I need some favors from you guys:

  1. Leave comments everywhere and anywhere. On your favorites, your least favorites, and the ones that best allow you to ridicule us.
  2. There are surely some kinks to iron out. Tell us if you see anything buggy.
  3. If you’re subscribed to the old RSS, we’ve got a new one. The old one’s now obsolete, so convert today.
  4. Though you don’t need facebook to comment, every time you repost or like, you introduce us to new possible fans. Help grow the Nippleteer Army.

I’ve already talked too long to talk about the comic. Instead, I’ll ask, how has something this great not been taken off your tubes?



6/25/11 6:23AM

Why are our characters ambling through a barren desertscape? And why didn’t they just take their fancy clown car? Well, that’s in the shop, the only certified clown car auto repair in the country, which happens to be located in Arizona, which is why they’re in Arizona. And while Jesse might contest that continuity was disregarded to suit my fancy, I assure you, gentle readers, he’s a verminous liar. I may have illustrated this strip in the wake of a Road Runner marathon, but who hasn’t indulged in a Looney Tune from time to time? Long story short, do yourself a favor and indulge a little.

Beep-beep, zip, BANG!