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[[At gas station, Humphry pumping gas, hippo bungee corded to the roof]] Hippo: Muff. Muff. Muff. Quaker:[[off-panel]] That there's a top-notch hippo. Humphry: Thanks? Humphry: By the way, your hat and kerchief are just dandy. [[Quaker pumping gas into his bus, middle visible reading "Society of Friends"]] Humphry:[[off-panel]] I thought you Quakers abandoned the oatmeal guy shtick. Quaker: Sir, I reckon you're confused. [[Quaker walking onto the door of the bus, end of sign visible, hot girls in windows, back of Humphry's head]] Quaker: We're the Society of Friends with Benefits Humphry: What's the difference? Quaker: The benefits.

1/12/11 1:28AM

Back to our regularly scheduled programming in which the gang drives around doing unrelated things accompanied by a wild hippo. Please recall the source of said hippo; it may come into play in the future.

Stuff you should know about Quakers:

  1. They’re officially called The Religious Society of Friends. Sort of important for that joke, eh?
  2. By classic rules, they’re supposed to wear plain clothes, so Humphry might have been doing his best to insult the man by calling him dandy.
  3. They’re gaga for nudity.
  4. Katy, the fine gal who taught me a thing or two about html so I could design this site is one. So was Richard Nixon.



1/12/11 2:03AM

As a rule, I try to make my posts as antagonistic towards Jesse as possible. Consequently, I’ll be blaming him for the following things:

  1. The closed bus door the Quaker is about to run into – That’s just laziness. How could Jesse not have told me to fix it before the comic went live?
  2. The Utter lack of background, again – Just blue sky, and a gas pump.
  3. The fact that this strip appeals to nobody except maybe Quakers.
  4. My current stomach ache.