Art Imitates Life

Art Imitates Life comic
[[Mo in mime, still with number on pretending to be in a box.]] [[Mo in mime, different pose still pretending to be in a box.]] [[Mo pushing the side of the box]] [[Mo bowing, clapping noises from the sides.]] [[Mo holding the bars of the jail cell with clapping still going from inmates to his sides.]]

6/29/11 6:06AM

And that’s how speed dating leads to the slammer in 4 easy steps. Since our strip doesn’t deal in coherent plot arcs, we won’t illustrate the resulting prison break. Know that it involves a stair car, secret cake contents, and a poster of Raquel Welch. The warden and guards weren’t duped. They discovered the mix-up hours earlier; they just didn’t have the heart to take away Mo’s one chance at imitating his favorite prison break movies.

Did this joke make sense? Did anyone remember that Mo dresses in stripes because he’s a mime? Does the fact that we alluded to such metaphysical mimery ages ago help? Looking at that ancient strip, it’s clear that our token black character’s never been buddy-buddy with the fuzz.  Three cheers for more accidental racism!