Incogneato comic
[[Backs of Mo, Stan, Humphry. Woman sitting at the table. Banner that reads SPEED DATING! ]] Woman: So take your seats and get ready to meet some lovely ladies. Woman: And don't forget your number tags. [[Closer-up of woman sitting at table appearing concerned]] Mo: Number tags? Woman: In place of name tags. We had to change our system after a couple of creepers wouldn't take no for an answer. Woman: Now we only give out names when there's a match. [[Zoom out to Mo and distraught woman.]] Woman: Those bad apples spoiled our fruit salad. If I ever catch one of those- Mo: Don't worry, we'll let you know if we see anyone- [[Mo staring at disguised Humphry and Stan.]] Mo: -suspicious. Stan: We're on the case.

6/19/11 8:05AM

Is speed dating as a plot device hackneyed? Sure. Is this plot line really going to be about speed dating? No. Well, yes, a little. It might also involve looney toons, objectivism, and the police. Bet you can’t guess how.

These are the last couple of strips with Version 2.0 of our character models. As Will’s art crawls towards decency, our stars have to adapt to keep up. That’s not the only change coming. I’ve been slaving day and night and day again to make a new version of the site that looks almost exactly like the old version. But better. How you ask? You’ll just have to stick around to see. While you’re waiting, why not facebook like us or link your friends to a few of your recent favorites. Just because we love you for reading doesn’t mean we don’t have enough love to spread to newbies. We promise, we won’t forget about you.