Selection comic
[[Receptionist sitting at the front desk of Sperm Bank of America.]] [[Mo peeking head out doorway on the left, looking at the woman]] Mo: Uh, excuse me. Your selection here seems limited. Mo: You wouldn't happen to have any *um* hentai? Woman: We wouldn't. Mo: Bondage Woman: Nope. Mo: Furries. Woman: Nope. Mo: Japanese Tentacle Erotica Woman: What? Woman: No. [[Mo half naked exasperated in waiting room.]] Mo: What sort of half-cocked operation is this!?

7/17/11 3:00AM

How does Hentai even work in a drawn world? Shouldn’t kinky be looking at photographs of real people? Tentacle porn, on the other hand, is weird in all known universes.

Check out that waiting room decor. Nothing screams virility quite like a roaring female lion. Will wants nipples points issued to whomever can identify the man in the waiting room. I didn’t know — my guess was Martin Scorsese — though I should have done better than that.



7/18/11 8:27AM

We’ve gotten a few failed attempts at the elusive Nipples Point, so many that I’m going to double the point value. I can’t really blame you guys; I think it looks more like Robert DeNiro playing the real person.