Hay Fever

Hay Fever comic
[[The backs of two farmers. One in overalls without a shirt. One with not shirt at all and a straw hat. Looking at a barn with the tail end of a cow out the roof.]] Farmer Rosenblum: Jeb, that's the last straw. Jeb: I ain't done you wrong before! Narrator "It's also the first straw. I've got a low tolerance for straw."

7/24/11 6:15AM

I thought I was being super clever with the title until I realized that having not grown up on a farm, I had no idea what differentiates hay from straw. Suburbanites only encounter such fodder at petting zoos and gimmicky hayrides. Could have been a strawride for all I knew. After studious research, it even seems likely.

Mo’s Sperm bank adventures are through, so it’s back to off-beat and occasionally single panel fare. Today’s one-paneler means more misguided internet searches:

  1. “are my nipples supposed to point up”: Maybe. How are you sitting?
  2. “they will give you a bleating”: What are angry sheep, Alex?
  3. “Baboon nipples game”: We would be all too proud to have received 11 separate hits for such an interesting hobby. Unfortunately, none of them are from new readers, so one of you pesky returners was looking for international fame by getting your search reported here. We’re onto you.
  4. “up to my nipples like on facebook”: You don’t have to search google for that, friend. The button’s right up there. You should press it and stay up to date on all the latest nipple happenings. Please.