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[[Humphry at podium with reading glasses and a tome next to a cherub statue.]] Humphry: There are no words for how wonderful you are. [[Close up of humphry holding glasses with a smirk.]] Humphry: But I've got plenty for how much you suck.

2/09/11 2:02AM

Humphry: Meretricious, for one, is spot on in all its senses.

In an ongoing effort to celebrate the holidays I don’t support and to neglect the ones I do (how I miss you, Guy Fawkes Day), this week we’re doing some romance inspired strips. Thankfully, we have a twisted and hollow sense of what constitutes romance, so expect our avatars to relay the same penury of passion. Nothing fancy like a five-part hero’s journey. Just some ruminations on or around love.

As we did for Christmas, we’re releasing a greeting card (remember to print duplex)of this one for your snark-tolerant significant others. If they’re not familiar with our comic, the use of clown may confuse them, but what better opportunity to spread the love.




2/09/11 2:25AM

Plenty! How could I not have seen “several” and basked in the warmth of alliteration. Editing, Jesse, editing.


2/09/11 9:54PM

For some reason Jesse seems to hate this comic, and has been complaining about it. Seeing as how he forced me to stay up late to finish it, despite the fact that I still have the flu and need my rest, I’m resentful of his opinion. More importantly though, I just plain disagree with him. If you see Jesse, remind him that he’s a self-doubting bitch.