The Hiccoughs

The Hiccoughs comic
[[Humphry still riding Stan, walking down street front. Crew trailing behind. Everyone wearing hats.]] Humphry: *hic* *hic* Humphry: Mo, make me laugh. I've got the hiccups. Humphry: *hic* Mo: Shouldn't I be scaring you? Humphry: *hic* Humphry: Impossible. I fear neither man *hic* nor beast. [[Humphry with hands on Stan's face and hat]] Humphry: Now humor me. *hic* Mo: Fine... Mo: Why is Six afraid of Seven? [[Mo intimidating, arms crossed]] Humphry: Because Seven ate Nine. Mo: [[overlapped ]] Because Seven's black. [[Mo toothy smile. Humphry uncomfortable. Stan angry.]] Humphry: Am I allowed to laugh? Mo: No. Stan: Absolutely not. Humphry: *hic*

5/25/11 2:04AM

The interweb’s most exhaustive list of cures obviously mentions fright and laughter. It also includes farting, hotpockets, masturbation, and swift punches to the gut. Note: masturbation seems only to cure women. Who’s the lucky scientist who gets to study that phenomenon?

Even though I used “hiccups” in the comic proper to avoid needless confusion, “hiccoughs” is the far cooler spelling. In the land of crazy english pronunciation, “-ough” is king. I thought through-and-through that the tough-guy would have fought thoroughly, though due to a cough and the hiccoughs, he failed at throwing the nerd from the bough into the slough. Who’s got better examples?

A few strips back, we claimed innocence, but today we very well may be racist. We’ll let you decide. Personally, I blame my friend Wes whose joke was too good not to steal. If you come back next time, I promise to replace all racism with adorable babies. And sexism.