It’s Curtains For You

It’s Curtains For You comic
[[Humphry in party hat, flashing glasses, pouring a bottle of Jack]] Mo: I can't believe you're down with this. Two birthdays a year? Humphry: There's cake, whiskey, and presents. Humphry: Do you even know me? Mo: All right, I'm in, but as far as I'm concerned, we're just bros going out. [[Humphry chugging out of bottle]] Mo: It's downright racist to expect me to hang with a bunch of white people in pointy hats. Stan: White people!? Stan: Are you kidding? Stan: I'm from Africa, and I've seen every Tyler Perry movie. Stan: Twice. Stan: I'm blacker than you'll ever be. [[Mo smiling. Bottle and glass empty.]] Mo: You're a hippopotamus! Stan: Yeah, so? Mo: You're an idiot! Stan: Irrelevant. Humphry: AND you forfeited all claim to blackness the minute I caught you frolicking through Anthropologie. Stan: What, a brother can't partake in two-for-one faux-agrarian draperies?

5/07/11 3:00AM

Smoodge: Plus, I have an innate affinity for soul food and badunkadunk.

I should start off by saying that I don’t think this strip is racist, and I apologize for nothing but the wordiness of the last panel. That said, as the whitest of white people, I had to do some investigative journalism to pick the perfect store for the punchline. I asked my “informed sources” (read: black friends) for the perfect locale, but believe it or not, there’s a lot of wrong ways to ask a question like that. This website provided an easy out, but it felt like cheating. I heard tanning salon, Pier 1 Imports, Bed Bath and Beyond, and others. In the end, we had to go with Anthropologie. Anyplace that sells junk like this is a joke in and of itself.



5/07/11 3:00AM

I dislike the word “forfeited,” and that we were forced to use it. If only Forfeit could see the infinite wisdom of Sit, and acquire a more sophisticated past-tense.
Frankly, I’m outraged over the lexiconigraphical status of “forfat.” I’m also outraged over the lexiconigraphical status of “lexiconigraphical.”