Unrequested Guest Comic #2: Pregnant

Unrequested Guest Comic #2: Pregnant comic
[[In the style of Cyanide and Happiness, or maybe you're wacky hand drawn]] [[Woman with slight baby bump holds hand of her man with a beer belly, maybe a samurai sword is visible on his back but not obvious.]] Woman: Honey, I've got great news. Woman: We're pregnant. [[Man looks dumbfounded, one hand behind him scratching the back of his head near the sword hilt]] Man: No... Man: It can't be. [[Man shouting as he holds the sword in front of him about to stab]] Man: Yataaaaaaaaaaaah! [[Sword in body, the 3 sides of the seppuku already bleeding.]] [[Woman reacting wildly.]] [[Man searching through entrails.]] Man: There's no baby here! [[Man, on back on the ground. Bleeding. Dying.]] Man: Why would you lie to me?

5/29/11 3:00AM

I can’t offer Nipples Points for knowing who we’re borrowing from, it’s too easy. The art is iconic, really simple, and Will hit it spot on. We should feel guilty stealing so blatantly, but the nature of the joke including the over-the-top violence leant itself to their style. The writing isn’t quite right; they would have added a flippant joke at the end. Please consider the following two alternative endings as acknowledgment of that difference:

Man: I knew those packing peanuts wouldn’t digest. You owe me five dollars.


Man: I’m pregnant…with hatred for you.

Will tells me that “Yatta” translates to “I did it” in Japanese which he felt inappropriate for the situation. Up to now, I always thought Yatta had something to do with green leaves.