The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving comic
[[Grandma handing wrapped gift box with a bow]] Wife: Happy Birthday! Wife: This is from the both of us. [[Grandpa with arms extended]] Husband: And for the both of us. [[Grandpa on ground ripping open the present like a child, child looking on confused]]

8/03/11 4:05AM

This happens all the time under different pretenses. Like when my dad gave 3-year-old me an NES. Or whenever anyone gives their lover “sex” coupons. Or when … damn it, I have to use this idea in a comic instead. Time and again, the quality of these blog posts is directly limited by the need to use the best jokes in comics.

Will’s art is improving by the strip, but he still doesn’t have a full bag of tricks. Take perspective, for example. The way he drew the lines in that second panel, those walls are at least seventy-five feet high. I will, however, defend him tooth and nail against the objectors who say that he can’t draw a cow. Sure, he only managed half a cow in two out of the last three strips, but those two halves make a beautiful whole-stein.

On a comic theory note, this strip has a form of verbal absurdism and directness similar to that found in White Ninja which means I should probably link to it.