One Moose, Two Moose

One Moose, Two Moose comic
[[Two moose]] Moose 1: Mmm mmm. Check out the rack on him. [[Redneck hunter with terrible mantits]]

8/7/11 2:33PM

I’d apologize for the tardiness of this post, but instead I’ll use it as a teaching opportunity. Don’t waste your time refreshing our page, waiting eagerly for the new comic. Instead, scroll to the top right and click one of those handy blue buttons; those RSS and facebook feeds both will let you know when we release. I recommend RSS, but you’re free to go on being a Luddite if you’d prefer.

Those large strangely-snouted mammals are female moose. Will took a survey and found that only one of the polled pool could pick out such a she-beast. Without the rack, are just Sloth in deer-form.

Upon Will’s attempt at writing a bad joke, I turned the first panel into a slightly better one. Keyword: slightly. The whole John Wilkes Moose phase was a strange one, and it produced many ugly fruit. Including that uggo in the last panel, who will earn you a couple of nipples points for identifying.