Catcophonous comic
[[Heads of two beds separated by a wall. Stan on left. Humphry on right wearing a blue night cap with a circle of stars (may not be that visible). Both awake, but still lying. Windows on far walls.]] [[Meow! Hiss! MEOW!]] [[MEEEOW!]] Stan: Are you hearing this? Humphry: I really hate cats. Humphry: And I just want to kill all of them, but I can't cause that's crazy. I can't kill EVERY cat. [[Lying in silence.]] [[RRRRRRRRRRRR]] [[MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!]] Stan: Humphry? Humphry: Yeah? Stan: Is it ceiling wax or sealing wax? Or are they both things? [[Stan turned toward wall]] Stan: ...Humphry? [[Stan banging the wall again.]] [[Humphry grimacing and making a threatening fist.] Stan: Humphry? Stan: HUMPHRY!? Humprhy: I'm sorry. I'm thinking about cats again.

8/10/11 3:04AM

UPDATE QUESTION: Was this too obscure? Did you know what we were referencing? Respond or ridicule in the comments.

We’ve no qualms resting our joke on the haunches of random pop culture and youtube allusion, but this reference might be too obscure. I hope not. In the case that it is, watch this and be amused/horrified. Considering that he’s working with a grotesque cartoon clown, Will got the face damn accurate in the last panel.

By the way, neither of us is a cat hater. And Will has every reason to be. Their fluff or pee or dander or something short circuits his immune system. That said, anyone who’s anybody knows that dogs are a superior species. I hope y’all are somebodies.



8/10/11 4:27PM

Pigs. Pigs are the superior species. For a while now, I’ve dreamed of owning a pot-bellied pig. I just need to live somewhere with a yard where he can root. Oh, and an apartment that allows pets.