Sprout comic
[[Magician with beans doing his song and dance for boy who holds reins to cow.]] [[Boy explaining to mother with speech bubble of previous scene. Mother disappointed.]] [[Mother cooking beans dejected over pot. Boy tugging at shirt. Mother explaining empty cabinet.]] [[Mother and son dead at table. Giant beanstalks growing out of their bellies. Bloody mess.]]

7/31/11 10:21AM

Gotta keep this brief, I’m currently a block over from the concentrated ignorance and blistering sand of the Jersey Shore stealing internet from some suspecting hoteliers. I’d have Will do this dirty work from the comfortable confines of our apartment, but I’ve kept him out of the loop so as to maintain some semblance of utility in this operation.

Oh, and once again, thank you all for reading. Our last comic was the most popular yet, and none of this could happen without all of your support. Excelsior fellow Nipplers!

Happy Birthday Mom,



8/1/11 4:21AM

As you’ve no doubt realized, my posts have been conspicuously absent these past few weeks. It’s not that I don’t have things to say (ex: in the comic featuring Harry Truman, I would have loved to mention that, before becoming president, Harry set up shop as a Haberdasher). The truth is that I’ve been hard at work on another project. Superficially it’s for a class I’m taking, but really it’s for Up to My Nipples (but really really, it’s for my class). It should be finished by next Sunday at which point you’ll be provided a Youtube link or something. And don’t worry, it won’t replace our usual content.

- Will