The Bums Rush

The Bums Rush comic
[[Pointing at face. Grimace. Mo looking on.]] Humphry: Okay, so first, you make this face. Humphry: Note the teeth. The teeth are important. [[Some art writing for growl.]] Humphry: Next, you need a threatening noise. Humphry: I prefer a low growl, but I've heard shrieking works just as well. [[Making strange arms.]] Humphry: The finishing touch: monster claws. Humphry: Locked elbows. Undulating knuckles. Humphry: You're a beast on the hunt. [[Mo, walking past Hobo Joe shrieking.]] Humphry: Executed properly, my method guarantees no hobo in his right mind asks you for money.

1/22/12 6:00AM

This comic is inspired by, and therefore dedicated to, my father. He invented “the bums rush” during a family vacation in Ottawa (his threatening noise being pained breathing). Money-grubbing hobos roam wild up there (though “roam” may be too active a verb for what they do). In my memory, it didn’t seem to work and he was solicited anyway. Considering my dad is well over six feet tall, I take this as an affirmation that the homeless are generally insane.