War Stories

War Stories comic
[[Commanding officer sitting next to new guy in trench.]] New Guy: So what now? Commanding officer: You wait here for the next five to six months. Commanding Officer: And occasionally point this gun thataways. New Guy: That's it? That's all we do? Soldier:[[Crawling over with stupid proud grin]] I get to have trench foot! Narrator: Why you don't see World War I Reenactments.

1/25/12 3:05AM

Have some fancy book learnin’.

How ridiculous are war reenactments? What is it about the Civil War, the bloodiest in American history, that calls for glorification? Can you imagine other countries doing this? Well, I guess cosplay is just inaccurate European war reenactment. Wait, did I say cosplay? I meant larping. Ha, cosplay. Anyway, what I really mean to say is can you imagine Vietnam War reenactments? You guys: hide in the trees. You guys: stay in this cage. And you guys, constant torture.