The Sex

The Sex comic
[[Two pretty young kids sneakily talking in a classroom sitting at desks.]] Boy 1: Pssst. Billy. Boy 1: Do you know what the sex is? Boy 2: I don't know the first thing about it. Boy 2: But I know the last thing. Boy 2: It's when you shoot it in her face.

1/29/12 2:00PM

Really, I’m just worried the kid thinks it’s pee. Not that that will turn away all prospective partners. Though, it’s hard to think that he’ll find many at that age whose fetishes are amply developed. Then again, in an internet age in which 2 Girls 1 Cup gets talked about more freely than Pirates, I can only wonder what sort of sexual understanding kids acquire. Ummm, I mean wonder in a strictly academic sense, of course. I leave any actual pedophilia to the resident master, Will.