Super Bawl

Super Bawl comic
[[Football player celebrating in the endzone.]] [[Ref hands up for touchdown.]] Whiiiiiiirrrrrrr! [[Score bar on bottom.]] [[Opposing player walking by head down.]] [[Scoring player still dancing]] [[Opposing player pouting by ref.]] [[Ref blowing whistle. Hands on hips.]] Whiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! [[Ref making a motion of fists to eyes.]] Ref: Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Ref: Number seven. Defense. Ref: Excessive moping.

2/1/12 4:22AM

For you non-American and you un-Americans who know nothing about our unique brand of misnamed football, the Super Bowl’s this Sunday. We’ve lined up a couple of jokes to celebrate the occasion. I worry that webcomic readers and football enthusiasts might have limited overlap, so I’ll a footnotes: “Unsportsmanlike Conduct – Excessive Celebration” is an NFL penalty.

Frankly, punishing sore winning more harshly than sore losing is teaching questionable life lessons. So, I would love to see this actually called, and I’m not ready to rule out the possibility. After all, the NFL has a precedent of wacky calls.