American Footsieball

American Footsieball comic
[[Sportscasters standing next to one another. ]] Joe: If it's anything like we've come to expect, it's sure to be a close one tonight, Troy. Troy: Uncomfortably close. [[Even closer together. Joe looking at Troy.]] Joe: The fans know that history's about to be written, and the tension in the air is palpable. Joe: Can you feel it? [[Joe and Troy looking at one another. Troy unhappy.]] Troy: Yes, Joe. Tory: I can feel it.

2/5/12 12:55PM

I planned on:

Troy: I farted.
Joe: I felt it.

for the bonus panel, but realized I might be stealing from this old commercial. And I mean old; it’s hawking beepers after all.

You realize that we’re only slightly exaggerating? They’re basically that close. What are their hands doing down there? Maybe they tape it to their body to prevent hanging on the other’s knee.

The hand! They tape the hand.

Anyway, since I have more friends and family who are supporting the Giants today: “Go Pats!”