Force of William Shatner

Force of William Shatner comic
[[Shatner talking to criminal. Criminal (though probably not clear it's a criminal) talking on light blue phone, maybe covering receiver.]] Shatner: Naming your own price, eh? Criminal: I'm asking seven-five. Shatner: You wuss. Criminal: What? Shatner: Go higher. Criminal: Ten? Shatner: Coward. Criminal: With a helicopter? Shatner: Namby pamby Criminal: And immunity? Shatner: Now you're negotiating. [[Cop on phone]] Cop: What the hell's Bill doing in there?! [["Hostage Negotiator" logo. Shatner posing appropriately.]]

1/18/11 9:48AM

You must have seen these. Well, seen that, really. But by the power of youtube, that leads to those. Including the very that which we’ve borrowed from. You should play find that that.

What’s the deal with requesting a helicopter/any escape vehicle? Criminals do it all the time in the movies, but I just don’t see how it’s practical. Are the police also promising to turn a blind eye to their obvious escape? Yes, we’re totally not going to follow you as you fly away with millions of our dollars/government secrets/important persons. You know, in our helicopter that just so happens to already be equipped with tracking devices for our own safety. Anyone understand the logistics of this?