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CEO: We're going green. It's time we start using natural air bags. Scientist: [[off panel]] Natural air bags? CEO: Boobs. Scientist: [[off panel]] Boobs? CEO: Boobs. Scientist: Every experiment in the past 30 years supports the use of gaseous deceleration to safely distribute impact forces. Scientist: Not to mention breasts aren't something we can simply attach to the inside of a car. CEO: Enough with your science mumbo-jumbo. Stop talking and start testing. Scientist: But the funding. CEO: I'm the CEO, let [[bold]]me[[bold]] worry about the funding [[CEO with big grin, tie flagging in wind, on test track, flying towards a woman's chest, crash test dummy in back]]

8/15/12 11:00PM

And this is why you don’t pass corporate responsibility to your children. Unless they’re your adopted children, which is apparently how adoption works in Japan. Though there really is an anti-airbag faction.

If you’re new to the nipples, we’ve dabbled in the comedic prospects of R & D before (with another punny R&D title!)

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