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Leno: First things first, Jon. Do you have any flirting tips for the guys at home? We want to pick up the ladies like you do. Jon: Listen, Jay. Before we get started, I've got to say... Jon: ...I think your show is terrible. Your interviews are straight out of Us Weekly. Your bits are boring. And worst of all you tell [[bold]]exclusively[[bold]] bad jokes. Jon: But I'm glad to be here. I'm having a great time. Jon: And to answer your question, no. [[Leno monologue position.]] Leno: So last night we had Jon Hamm on the show. Leno: Interview, ah, didn't go so well. Leno: Maybe we should have gone with Plan B: Ham Sandwich.

8/8/12 7:55PM

When the topic of the comic demands we close with a clunker, the bonus panel, that is to say, I, take on some extra responsibility. Well, I laugh in the face of responsibility. Or vice versa.

To be fair, it’s not just Jay Leno; all of these late night shows are bottom of the barrel to my taste. When you have to pander to guests and write an hour-plus of programming every weeknight, you’re bound to sink to the stratum of soap operas. Unless, of course, the show itself has some built in drama.

Lastly, in less fortunate news, Will’s new shtick as a graduate student may force the comic to sometimes slide to the back-burner. But an occasional Wednesday hiccup is a great reason to subscribe to our RSS, facebook, and/or twitter, so you don’t waste your time looking for new doses of hilarity that don’t yet exist. Plus, as always, you’ll give us that rewarding tingly feeling of a new dedicated fan.

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