Stilted Conversation

Stilted Conversation comic
[[Girl and guy at bar.]] [[Nicely dressed girl on stilts. Middle of legs at eye level of guy. Girl: They accentuate my calves.

8/1/12 10:09PM

If we didn’t have as much faith in your intelligence, dear reader, we would prepend “I know they’re a bit uncomfortable, but…” to the bubble. We know you know the comedic value of hyperbole and will, at least, pretend to know the literary value of a kenning.

I might give credit to my Monday trivia squad for fostering the conversation that begat this joke if I hadn’t learned that it’s the true genius that knows how to harness the humor. That’s why they pay me the little bucks.

I’m ever grateful to not have to wrestle the pros and cons of heels. Long live my penis!